It's time for more benefits

Members of United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association reaping the rewards

UKPSA members can now opt in to benefit from great discounts at over 270 online and high street retailers. With just a £100 spend at a local supermarket members could recoup their whole annual enrolment fee. Some early adopters have already made savings that exceed the cost of their membership. There's no better incentive for members to show loyalty and renew their memberships every year. Don't let your members miss out!

Custom Rewards Scheme with (optional) Membership Card
This is branded to your design, where you define the cost of enrolment to your members and the amount of revenue you appreciate from it.

GoMembership branded Rewards Scheme
Our very own offering with a fixed enrolment fee and no initial set-up charges! All you need to do is sign-up for everyone to benefit!

Seasonal or Annual Membership. Which should I choose?

01 December 2020

It’s an age-old story for membership organisations whether they should operate with a seasonal or annual membership. Having worked with hundreds of membership organisations, we at GoMembership have seen them all.