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Gliding Federation Australia takes off with GoMembership

We’re very happy to announce that the Gliding Federation of Australia are now live with GoMembership.

The Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) is the Peak Body, or National Sporting Body that governs gliding in Australia, by delegation of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority who administer aviation in Australia. Now in its 70th year, the GFA recognised the need to upgrade their services to their clubs and members and engaged GoMembership with updating their membership and event administration.

GoMembership’s leading Membership & Events platform provides GFA members with a modern, improved user experience that gives them a lot more control over their own information, whilst also maintaining key links to GFA’s existing systems - providing a seamless, holistic solution that manages all their member, club, event, course, aircraft log and regulatory obligations.

David Pring, GoMembership CEO says, “We’ve worked closely with the GFA team to deliver a solution that greatly improves their member and club experience, and will also support the GFA’s requirements and plans for continued success in the future.”

GFA’s Executive Officer Terry Cubley commented, "While the new implementation is in its early days, there is already a sense that the move to a packaged and supported product will bring great benefits.  Giving a greater degree of control to clubs and individual members will provide better information at all levels and lead to much more direct involvement from the membership."

For more information, please visit the GFA website here.

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