GoMembership for Governing Bodies

GoMembership for Governing Bodies and National Sporting Organizations


GoMembership evolved from our experiences of working with many Governing Bodies of Sport throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, developing and providing Membership Administration software solutions.

Sport Governing Bodies and National Sporting Organizations play a crucial role in the development and evolution of our sports, and have a demanding role - balancing the needs of their members and clubs with a commitment to modernization in order to justify funding; and providing strong, progressive governance whilst also meeting regulatory controls.

We believe GoMembership offers Governing Bodies of Sport a powerful administrative solution, delivering streamlined management of membership and events. Staff time is freed up from administrative tasks, allowing effort and focus to be redirected to development of the sport.

We now work with over 80 Governing Bodies of Sport worldwide and we are always learning, and that’s why GoMembership is always improving too, with a roadmap packed full of planned innovations and enhancements.

Membership Management

Attract new members, maintain renewals, allow online payments, promote self-service and have information immediately to hand.

Club & Team Administration

Maintain your club, create teams or groups, monitor online payment renewals and ensure compliance.

Event & Course Management

Promote events, take bookings online, collect registration details, monitor attendee levels and provide fast attendee registration on the day.

Member Communication

Email communication, campaign grouping, content editor, automated action alerting and online surveys.

Coaching & Qualifications

Record coaching qualifications, hold member certificates, promote member self-service upload and automated expiry management.

Member Reporting & Insight

Standard membership reports, member insight analysis, operational reporting and output generation.