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Irish Underwater Council select GoMembership

Irish Underwater Council select GoMembership

We are delighted to announce that the Irish Underwater Council have signed up with GoMembership. The Irish Underwater Council is the national governing body for recreational underwater sports in Ireland. Founded in 1963 to organize and promote scuba diving and snorkelling it has since grown to incorporate over 80 clubs around the country. 

Ireland’s coastline and waters offer some of the best diving in Northern Europe (if not the world!) and the Irish Underwater Council operate an extensive program of diving and snorkelling courses catering from beginner all the way through to Advanced levels, whilst also offering courses like Underwater Photography Diving. They even promote the sport of Underwater Hockey which is growing in popularity around the world.

GoMembership will deliver Member & Club Management, Event & Course Administration, Online Payments, Coaching & Qualifications and Member Communications to the IUC.  David Pring, GoMembership CEO comments, “GoMembership’s customer base is growing steadily and we are delighted that the Irish Underwater Council are now on board with us. I’m confident that GoMembership will help this fantastic organization effectively manage their members and clubs and contribute towards the future growth and development of their activities.”

Linda Monaghan, IUC Senior Administrator says, 'IUC are delighted to have signed up with GoMembership. We look forward to working with them to bring top quality IT facilities to our members and to assist us to continue to grow our membership into the future.'

For more information on the Irish Underwater Council, please visit their website here. You’ll find some amazing videos on their site, including this one  – a fascinating insight into the underwater world.